It’s All in the Logo: How to Design a Lasting Logo and Why it Matters

    What’s in a Logo?

    The idea of a “brand logo” goes back to the old west, when cowboys would imprint their cattle with branding irons to mark them as their own. Though it’s a little painful to imagine, this image speaks to the fundamental purpose of your company’s logo: to mark your customers’ minds with an image that defines you. 

    When done well, a logo reflects and communicates everything that a customer needs to know about a brand. Without a compelling logo, a brand will struggle to not only be recognized, but also--and more importantly--to be trusted. Think about it. If a company’s logo doesn’t resonate with a customer’s sense of what’s appealing and desirable, then that company has failed to communicate its ability to reliably fulfill that customer’s needs.

    Now that’s a problem.

    This guide will help you avoid that problem by explaining four key principles of how to design a lasting logo. Whether you’re just beginning to think about branding for your new business, or whether you’re considering a refresh for a logo you’ve been using for years, the guide will help you think about what makes a logo fitting, legible, versatile, and, ultimately, memorable. While the process of actually designing logos is quite another task--and one naturally best done by seasoned experts--engaging in this thinking is an important first step. From color and typography, to shapes, imagery, and other styling choices, you’ll come to see that it really is all in the logo.


    Apple’s brand name and logo were inspired by the apple that dropped on Isaac Newton’s head and led him to discover the laws of gravity.

    The company quickly abandoned its first logo in favor of a simpler, more memorable design, but they knew from the start that they wanted a logo that stood for innovation. 

    Take Google as another example. In order to communicate that they’re playful, curious, and good-intentioned, Google aimed for a childlike design made up of primary colors--red, blue, and yellow.

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