How Local Businesses Can Leverage Paid Search To Drive In-Store Traffic

    Local businesses have historically been hesitant to invest in paid search, because it’s been difficult to track. Employees will ask customers where they heard about the company, and customer will often just say “online.” So how can a local business measure its success with paid search? For a local business, well executed targeting and keyword selection can make or break the success of a PPC campaign. Here, we outline a few tactics you can use to measure success and better capture a local audience that drives in-store traffic.

    Understand Your Customers

    Local businesses tend to overlook the fact that consumers are using Google to search for local products. Consumers are using google and Microsoft advertising for more than just buying products online. They’re using these platforms to search for businesses in their area and conduct research. And whether someone is searching for a product to buy online or to buy locally, they’re going to be using the same search terms. If you’re a local business who is not advertising on Google or Microsoft Advertising, you need to start. You could be missing out on consumers searching for products you sell, just because you didn’t realize they’re still willing to buy locally.

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